dream travelers- poster

The Dream Travelers was a story concept my boss had. Being an intellectual property lawyer, he had the idea of doing a series of kids books that would illustrate how famous innovations came to be. He wanted to show a younger generation how to think about innovating by looking at principles that could be taught, and use historical examples as anecdotes. This would teach kids both history and innovation.
The vehicle he had in mind was the DreamTravelers.

I did one book in a comic book style. I’m really proud of the work and was looking forward to moving on with this project, but it was decided to go a different direction. C’est la vie.

Even though I knew the characters and pretty much everything about this wasn’t going to see the light of day, I liked what I had do so much that I had the above made into a poster and it’s hanging in my office. A bunch of my colleagues have come in and said- Oh, THAT’S cool!!