fishart- fleming valve


My employer, Fish IP Law, is an intellectual property law firm in Irvine CA. The partner, Bob Fish, loves art and using creativity in his life and practice. My employment there- a full-time artist in a law firm, is proof of his commitment to creativity.

One of the things I get to do is a series of art pieces based on older patent drawings. I didn’t originate the series, that was another artist. His originals were flat colored vector art. When I came on, inspired by pics I had seen that look like paper cut-outs layered in a dimensional style, I had the idea of reimagining the series as still essentially flat artwork, but given dimension by layering the elements over one another. 
I also use a variety of fills- dots, cross-hatching, or lines- that are found in technical patent drawings. 
This keeps a certain quality of the patent drawings intact, but ramps the effect up to be really artistic.
You can check out the site.
There is also a page dedicated to the fishart series.